3. He behaved lượt thích an adult. I think he is more ________ than the other boys at his class.

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A. Intelligent B. Mature C. Ambitious D. Developed

4. There is no ________ explanation for what happened.

A. Scientist B. Scientific C. Scientifically D. Science

5. Marie went to lớn France lớn _______ her dream at the Sorbonne.

A. Have B. Get C. Take D. Realize

6. A ______ is someone who teaches one student or a very small class.

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A. Tutor B. Professor C. Adviser D. Leader

7. Luis has a _______ in French from Leeds University.

A. Certificate B. Degree C. Diploma D. Qualification

8. Marie Curie was_______ a Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1911.

 A. Received B. Obtained C. Gained D. Awarded

9. David Brown worked ____ a tourist guide from June 1999 to lớn December 2002. He really liked his job.

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 A. For B. On C. As D. With

10. Tony : ___________________?

Ann : In a flat near the supermarket.

A. What′s your address? B. Where are you?

C. Where are you live? D. Where vị you live?



his death. He was then 74 years old.Task 1: Choose the best answers.1. How old was Mark Twain when his father died? A. 12 B. 11 C. 20 D. 21 2. Why did he have to leave school? A. Because he wanted lớn work as a sailor. B. Because his father died and left nothing khổng lồ the family. C. Because he enjoyed adventures. D. Because he disliked school. 3. What did his brother teach him? A. Printing B. Writing C. Literature D. History4. Mark Twain used to lớn dream of becoming a _______. A. Teacher B. Writer C. Sailor D. PrinterTask 2: Answer the questions.1. What is Mark Twain’s nationality? - He’s American.2. What’s his job? - He’s a writer.3. What did he vì chưng in Philadelphia? - He worked as a printer there.4. Are “Tom Sawyer” và “Huckleberry Finn” considered his best works? - Yes, they are.5. When did he die? - He died in 1910.CLASS 10 UNIT 2: SCHOOL TALKSI. Choose the word that has the underlined (letters) pronounced differently from the others.1. A. Chanceb. Teachingc. Chemistryd. Children2. A. Hardb. Startc. Partyd. Talk3. A. Sonb. Sunshinec. Aboved. Woman4. A. Politeb. Literaturec. Guided. Kind5. A. Greatb. Teacherc. Streetd. ReceiveII. Choose the best answer.1.................... Vị you want? ~ A box of chocolates.a. Whatb. Whichc. Whod. How2. .............. Is this building? ~ It′s about two hundred years old.a. How longb. How farc. How oldd. How3. ...................... Money vì chưng you earn? ~About £250 a week.a. How muchb. Whatc. How manyd.. Which4.................... Bag are you carrying? ~ Judy′s.a. Whichb. Whatc. Who’sd. Whose5. ....................is your new school? ~ It′s very big và friendly.a. Whatb. Howc. Whered. Which6. ..................is it lớn tile post office? ~ About two hundred meters.a. How farb. How longc. How often d. How much7...................... Is your national flag? Red and yellow.a. Whatb. Which of color c. What colord. Which8. ...................do you take a holiday? ~ Once a year.a. Whenb. How longc. What timed. How often 9. ...............is Greg like′? ~ He′s tall & thin with brown hair.a. Whatb. Howc. Whod. Whom10. .................... Did the. Second World War end? ~ in 1945. A. Where b. When c. What time d. How longIII. Put the verbs into correct forms (gerund or infinitive)1. All of the members agreed _____ the emergency meeting. (attend) 2. Jack promised _____ lớn the meeting. (come)3. Alex refused ______ for his rude behavior. (apologize)4. At first, I enjoyed (listen) ________ to him but after a while I got tired of (hear)_________ the same story again và again.5. Did you remember (give) ___________him the key of the safe? No, I didn’t, I’ll go & do it no6. She rushed out of the room without (give)_________ me a chance (explain)____________ .7. Please forgive me for (interrupt)_________ you but would you mind (repeat)__________ that last sentence?8. I know my hair wants (cut)__________ but I never have time (go)____________ to the hairdresser’s.Keys: 1. Khổng lồ attend 2. Khổng lồ come 3. To lớn apologize 4. Listening – hearing 5. Giving 6. Giving - lớn explain 7. Interrupting – repeating 8. Khổng lồ cut – lớn goIV. Use the word in brackets to complete these sentences.language work narrow subject crowded enjoyable stuck jobs about similar1. Don′t worry ______________me. I’ll be fine.2. Can you speak any other ___________ besides dannguyenpiano.com.vnlish.3. The truck could not take that road because it was very _________ .4. Most students find the course very _________.5. She is interested in teaching ______________ because she loves working with children.6. Our coach was ___________ in a traffic jam và got khổng lồ Heathrow forty minutes late.7. The store was_____________ with shoppers.8. My favourite ____________ is History.9. If two people speak the same language, they usually have_______ attitudes and opinions.10. Approximately half the people interviewed were in manual occupationsIV. 1. About 2. Language 3. Narrow 4. Enjoyable 5. Work 6. Stuck 7. Crowded 8. Subject 9. Similar 10. JobsV. Reading the passage và do the task Hello, my name is Hung. I come from hai Phong- a beautiful port thành phố in the North of VN, but now I am living in Ha Noi. I’m 10 grader of HaNoi Foreign Language Specialising High school. Now I’m studying at dannguyenpiano.com.vnlish and Russian School và I can speak the language quite well. I’m living in a flat near my school with my classmate. He comes from Thanh Hoa. We have to cook ourselves. It’s rather hard but it helps us living independently. Task 1: Decide the statements are True (T) or False (F). Correct the false statementsa. Hung comes from a đô thị in the South of VNb. He can speak dannguyenpiano.com.vnlish wellc. His classmate come from nhì Phong, tood. Hung live in a small house with his familye. Hung has lớn cook aloneTask 2: Answer these questions:a. What does Hung study?b. In which class does he study?c. Who does he live with?d. What does he talk about his life?* Suggested answers:Task 1:a. F Hung comes from a đô thị in the North of VNb. Tc. F He comes from Thanh Hoad. F He is living in a flat near my school with my classmate. E. F . He cooks with his classmateTask 2:a. He studies dannguyenpiano.com.vnlish & Russianb. He is 10 graderc. He lives with his classmatesd. He talks that his life is rather hard but it helps him living independentlyClass 10UNIT 1: A DAY IN THE LIFE OFI. Choose the word having the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.1. A. Little b. Fish c. Meet d. Pig2. A. Interest b. It c. Pea d. Sit3. A. Simple b. Meat c. Kick d. Hit4. A. Fasten b. Sensec. Smelld. Rest5. A. Niece b. Tiec. Lied. DieII. Choose the best answer.1. The boys broke a window when they _________ football.a. Playedb. Were playingc. Had playedd. Are playing2. He ________ you now, but he won’t believe you tomorrow.a. Believeb. Believesc. Is believingd. Has believed3. What ________ khổng lồ you yesterday?a. Happenedb. Did happenc. Had happend. Has happened4. I _______ about him when suddenly he came in.a. Talkb. Talkedc. Am talkingd. Was talking5. The light _________ out while we were having tea.a. Was goingb. Wentc. Had goned. Has gone6. “May I help speak to lớn Dr. Paine, please?”“I’m sorry, he _______ a patient at the moment. Can I help you?”a. Is seeingb. Sees c. Has been seeing d. Was seeing7. The Earth _______ on the sun for its heat & light.a. Is dependb. Dependingc. Has dependd. Depends8. While I ________ TV last night, a mouse ran across the floor.a. Watchb. Watchedc. Was watching d. Am watching9. Last night we _______ many songs by the camp fire.a. Sing b. Sang trọng c. Sung d. Were singing10. In spite of her difficult living conditions, she worked extremely______. A. Hard b. Hardly c. Harder d. HardestIII. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets in two tenses: Simple Present or Simple Past.1. Mr. Green always (go) _________ to lớn work by bus.2. It (not rain) ____________in the dry season.3. They (not go) ____________to the movies last Sunday.4. My little sister (drink) ___________milk every day.5. There (be) ___________ a lot of noise at the fair yesterday.6. They (give) _____________ me the letter a few minutes ago.7. _____ you (find) ________ my fountain pen yesterday?8. They often (thank) ____________me for what I do for them.9. His uncle (teach) __________dannguyenpiano.com.vnlish in our school five years ago.10. It (take) _______me 5 minutes khổng lồ walk khổng lồ school last year.III. 1. Goes 2. Doesn’t rain 3. Didn’t go 4. Drinks 5. Was 6. Gave 7. Did you find 8. Thank 9. Taught 10. TookIV. Use the word in brackets khổng lồ complete these sentences.fellow peasant tobacco transplant neighbour rest go off plough chat crop1. Last night, when we were talking together, the light___________.2. My grandparents enjoyed playing chess with his _________ members in the club.3. All the farmers in this village are looking forward to lớn a bumper _________.4. Mr. John has had a lot of support from his relatives & ______________.5. A _______ is a farmer who owns or rents a small piece of land.6. The scientists are willing to vị this job for the ________ of his life.7. The government passed a law banning advertising _________.8. Japanese production methods have been ______ into some British factories.9. Tom has been on the computer all afternoon, _______ with his friend.10. A ________ is used for digging và turning over soil.IV. 1. Went off 2. Fellow 3. Crop 4. Neighbors 5. Peasant 6. Rest 7. Tobacco 8. Transplanted 9. Chatting 10. PloughV. Choose the best answer.I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to check in. It was a trip I had done many times before & (1) _____ to the clerk at the desk, there was no problems and the (2) _____ was schedule to lớn leave on time. I was flying khổng lồ Helsinki but I had to (3) _____ planes in Rome. Suddenly there was a(n) (4) _____ saying that, because of a strike by air- traffic controllers, the plan would be (5)_____ by at least two hours.I headed in the (6) ______ of the restaurant. After a tiring of about six hours, tired & frustrated, we eventually (7) _____ the plane. When we (8) _____ in Rome, it was almost midnight, & there was no sign of any connection khổng lồ Helsinki.1. A. ReferringB. RelatingC. According D. Conforming2. A. TripB. TravelC. FlightD. Journey3. A. AlterB. ChangeC. TransferD. Exchange4. A. NoticeB. BroadcastC. AdvertisementD. Announcement5. A. DelayedB. StoppedC. CheckedD. Postponed6. A. WayB. PathC. RouteD. Direction7. A. TookB. BoardedC. JoinedD. Caught8. A. ArrivedB. WentC. GotD. Came
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